Eco Taxis Dublin Airport   

  Dublin Airport to All Ireland


What are Eco Taxis,they are Small Public Service Vehicle (spsv) which use a environmentally friendly vehicle to drive passengers.

There are many types of vehicle which include 

*Hybrid and plug in hybrid

*Fully Electric and plug in electric 

*Biofuels - biodiesel and ethanol, 

*LPG - liquid petroleum gas.

Become an eco-driver no matter what car you drive.

A car's reported fuel consumption, in litres per 100km, is based on driving under standardised test conditions, but your driving style can increase that figure dramatically.

"Eco-driving", as it's been termed, is not only good for the environment, but can save you money and stress as well. To be an eco-driver you should:

  • Plan your trip well. Try to achieve several tasks with the one trip.
  • Take your time. You'll use less fuel if you drive a bit slower.
  • Shed the load. Take unnecessary items out of the car and take off your roof rack when it's not in use.
  • Keep it smooth. Avoid hard braking and acceleration.
  • Switch off. Ease up on the air-conditioning, and stop the car and walk in to the fast food restaurant rather than idle in a long drive-through queue.
  • Maintain it. Regularly check your tyre pressure is right for your car and tyres, and have your car serviced often.